Often, when it comes to home adjustments and changes, whether refitting a kitchen, changing up and replacing the floors in the dining room, or knocking out a wall or two, many people get confused between the terms renovation and refurbishment.

This article aims to highlight the difference between the two terms, beginning with a kitchen renovation to help clear up the confusion. 

What is a kitchen renovation? 

Kitchen renovations usually consist of a full re-design or re-fit. For example, this could include knocking down and replacing walls, adding new doors, or changing the entire layout of your current kitchen.

Renovations are less popular than refurbishments; however, it can be a useful method of creating more room, for instance, knocking through a wall(s) and creating a kitchen-dining room instead of a stand-alone kitchen. Renovations are more popular for old houses that need “modernized,” so to say.

What is a kitchen refurbishment? 

While kitchen renovations are greater concerned with structural adjustments, refurbishments focus on switching up existing furniture, less so altering the current floorplan or footprint.

Often, kitchen refurbishments are the go-to for many homeowners, an easy-ish way of adding value to their home without turning their house into a building site.

Generally, if you only require a new kitchen and are happy working with your current footprint, then a refurbishment will suffice. However, if you’re looking to increase your current kitchen footprint, then a renovation is the service you’re looking for (this can also consist of installing new counters, islands, etc.). 

The bottom line 

Often, many people get the two terms, renovation and refurbishment, confused. While they are somewhat similar, renovation is concerned with structural changes such as knocking down walls, while refurbishment is solely concerned with replacing existing furniture, e.g., kitchen countertops. 

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