So, you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen; however, you’re struggling for inspiration? Whether you’ve already got a few ideas or styles in mind, or you’re starting from scratch, it can be a difficult process.

This article will provide you with several kitchen theme ideas for a renovation or remodel, beginning with a modern yet classic twist.

A modern yet classic renovation twist 

Nothing says luxury like a white ice kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Perhaps paired with glass cabinet doors and a beautiful island, there’s no better way to impress guests, or equally, feel more at home. 

A rustic look

Whether you’re looking to bring a little bit of the country in or looking for a new design for your already country home, there’s no better style than a traditional rustic look.

Wooden cabinets, whatever color or style allow you to bring the inside in, paired fantastically with cream walls or blue tile, a natural island, or welcoming yet unique wooden floors – what better way to renovate?

Why not go for a traditional style?

When you think of a traditional kitchen style, you likely think of real wood, functionality, increased storage space, and colors such as creams and greys. 

There are also new traditional styles, mixing modern with the classic. These new traditional styles possess the original beauty of real wood and functionality but paired with sleek, effective, and built-in appliances.

If you’re not quite ready to give up the traditional look but want increased storage space and modern appliances, then a traditional modern classic is the perfect renovation choice for you.

Transitional renovation

Transitional kitchen styles and designs are based on geometric lines, painted cabinets, or a blend of man-made materials, earth tones, usually. The transitional style is for those looking to try something new, something expressive, beautiful, and functional.

Unlike other styles, such as the rustic look, transitional styles span a variety of different designs, incorporating ideas from other themes including the traditional look, rustic style, and more modern kitchens. 

To conclude

Kraftmaid kitchens are available in various styles, offered at a fraction of the cost of more modern, expensive kitchens. If you’re ready to renovate, it’s time to go the Kraftmaid way, increasing the value of your home and providing a place for friends and family to gather together.

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