If you’re considering installing a new kitchen, perhaps part of a larger renovation project, then you may be wondering where to splurge the cash. For example, should you purchase custom cabinets or semi-custom cabinets? 

Well, great question! Your choice of cabinetry depends on a number of factors, including your chosen style, budget, and functionality goals. And that’s only touching the tip of the iceberg – there’s so much more to consider.

But to answer your question: typically, custom cabinets are more expensive than semi-custom cabinets, and much more costly compared to stock (regular) cabinets. This is due to the bespoke design, exact specifications, and other factors. But more on this later in this article.

In the meantime, this blog post will explain the difference between custom and semi-custom cabinets, helping you decide which option is right for you.

What are custom cabinets?

Custom cabinets sound as good as they come – these cabinets are designed to fit your exact needs and lifestyle.

You can decide on every detail, from the specific dimensions to the color, hardware, space limitations, and style.

But there are a few downsides. For example, custom cabinetry is typically a lot more expensive than semi custom cabinets (and more generic options), and they also take a lot longer to make.

What are semi custom cabinets?

Semi custom cabinets, on the other hand, are a lot more budget-friendly, but still allow you to play around with the style a little.

Think of it this way: semi custom cabinets allow you to customize many details, but not all factors, and definitely not as much as you could with custom cabinetry. 

You can choose the color, some hardware, and other features, but you may not get to choose the exact dimensions. 

For most people, custom cabinets are the go-to option. They won’t break the bank, and if you choose a good style, they’ll look bespoke and one of a kind in your home.

And what about stock cabinets?

Alongside custom cabinets and semi custom cabinets, there are also stock cabinets.

Stock cabinets are exactly as they say on the tin: they’re stock.

These stock cabinets are not built for any given home – they are not custom and instead designed and manufactured in bulk to keep costs down, providing a more affordable option for homeowners.

What is the cost of custom cabinets vs semi custom cabinets?

As previously mentioned, custom cabinets are a lot more expensive than semi custom cabinets.

When you choose custom cabinetry, all the features and dimensions are bespoke. 

You can choose every last detail, from the color, the design, the finish of the wood, and the available storage. 

These custom features are what make these cabinets that much more expensive. So, if you can do without every feature being custom, then you can save some serious money buying semi custom cabinets instead.

Are you looking for new kitchen cabinets?

If you’re looking for new semi custom cabinets, we suggest checking out the Designer Cabinets range.

We stock a wide range of premium semi custom cabinets, from popular Designer Brands such as Kraftmaid, JSI cabinetry, and Ultracraft cabinets.

We’re confident we have a new kitchen cabinet design for you and your home.


What makes a cabinet custom?

High-quality materials, a bespoke design, build to exact dimensions, and customization are what make a cabinet custom. 

What are the three types of cabinets?

There are three main types of cabinets: stock cabinetry, custom cabinets, and semi custom cabinets.

What is the most popular cabinet color? 

The most popular and common cabinet color is white. The color white is modern and stands the test of time – a great choice and an investment into the future of your kitchen and home.

What are high-quality cabinets made of?

High-quality cabinets are often made of full-ply wood, solid wood, and wood veneers. But there are loads of premium quality materials out there.

What are prefab cabinets?

Prefabricated (prefab) cabinets are stock cabinets that are built in advance. These cabinets are not built for any given kitchen, but built around standard dimensions and designs to provide a cost effective cabinetry option.

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