Set a kitchen cabinet budget early during the renovation to stick to your expectations and avoid any nasty surprises.

When it comes to a kitchen, the most important component is, without a doubt, the kitchen cabinets.

The right or wrong choice of cabinets can make or break a kitchen. Choose something that is outdated, and you’ll have trouble selling on the market, but choose something that doesn’t fit the decor of your home, and it’ll look out of place.

Often, many homeowners struggle with setting a budget for their kitchen remodel, in particular, their kitchen cabinets.

So, in this blog post, we will discuss how to set a budget for your kitchen cabinets, allowing you to know how much you can expect to spend and what you can get for your money.

How much should I budget for a kitchen remodel?

Before we debate how much of your budget you should allocate to your cabinets, what about your kitchen?

Typically, you should expect to spend around five to ten percent of the value of your home on a kitchen remodel or renovation. For example, if your home costs an estimated $300,000, then anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000 would be a reasonable estimate.

What about kitchen cabinets?

Okay, now that you know how much to spend on the overall kitchen remodel, how much should you spend on the actual kitchen cabinets?

You should expect roughly thirty to forty percent of your overall kitchen budget. So, in our previously mentioned example, you could estimate an overall kitchen cabinet budget of anywhere from $9,000 to $12,000. 

There is a little leeway, of course. But generally, these are fairly realistic guidelines to stick to. 

Consider providing a fresh lease of life to older cabinets

If you’re working towards a particularly tight budget and perhaps don’t want to splurge on new kitchen cabinets, then you can always provide a fresh lease of life to older cabinets.

For example, you can provide them with a lick of paint, a new finish, or new accessories, such as handles and knobs.

You’d be surprised just how far a lick of paint can transform a kitchen. Spoiler alert: it will feel like an entirely different room. 

Is it worth buying more expensive kitchen cabinets?

When shopping on a budget for kitchen cabinets, you may be tempted to shop in the designer section.

And that’s completely fine!

Designer cabinets are all the rage, after all. With countless designs to choose from, some of which use quartz, reclaimed wood, and other aesthetically pleasing materials, you’re practically spoiled for choice.

Often though, designer cabinets cost an arm and a leg. Well, not quite, unless you shop at a particularly shady store…

At Designer Cabinets Online, however, we provide you with a range of beautiful and practical kitchen cabinets from popular designer brands, including Kraftmaid, JSI cabinetry, and others, all at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

There’s no catch – we’re here to help you set and stick to a budget for your kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodel.

Stock vs. custom cabinets

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when working to a budget for your kitchen cabinets is whether to choose a stock or custom design. 

There are advantages to both options; for example, stock designs are often cheaper, arrive quicker, and look the same as custom cabinets. 

On the other hand, the custom design is made to your exact requirements, perhaps providing more drawers, cabinets space, or custom measurements to fit in a tight spot.

If you’re not looking to spend all of your remodel budget on cabinetry, then we’d suggest going with the stock option if possible. But if you’ve got the budget and need something a little more custom, then this is also a good solution, too.

To conclude 

When it comes to setting a budget for kitchen cabinets and a remodel, there are no golden rules.

But we do recommend following our guidance regarding price, shopping around to find the best quote, and, if possible, choosing the stock option if you can get away with it.

And if you’re not working to a tight budget, then the world is your oyster. Well, the kitchen is your oyster… you get the point!

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