No matter where you live, whether in America or a European country, you have the freedom to design your house and kitchen the way you want.

In fact, with so many options, choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets and other accessories can be difficult.

But most notably, many homeowners face the decision of choosing between European and American-style kitchen cabinets.

So, to help you decide which cabinet type is right for you, this article will explain the difference between European vs American kitchen cabinets.

European-style kitchen cabinets

European-style kitchen cabinets are not only popular in European countries, but all across the world.

The European design is usually very durable, contains plenty of storage, and has a frameless design, unlike other American-style kitchen cabinets.

Most of these cabinets are created using plywood or particleboard. The choice of materials is affordable yet super durable, contributing to their often long lifespan. Now that’s something you can’t put a price on.

American-style kitchen cabinets

American-style kitchen cabinets often contain a framed design which takes up more room in the cabinet, also taking up valuable storage space.

Unlike their European counterpart, American-style cabinets are usually made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), wood fibers, resin, and waxes. 

It’s more affordable than other wood options, slightly less durable, but also less expensive. So it’s all about finding that fine balance.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

There are a few notable differences in European vs American kitchen cabinets.

For example, the frameless design of European counters provides much more storage space. 

But this also comes at a price (quite literally); the design is more expensive to implement compared to a traditional framed approach.

Similarly, European kitchen counters use higher-quality materials. This is, once again, more expensive, but provides a timely finish that will last years to come.

American cabinets use MDF materials for a more cost-effective approach but are often less durable.

Which type should you choose?

Deciding between the two cabinet types is challenging. But there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help guide your decision.

For example:

  1. Is storage space a deciding factor for you?
  2. How important is durability?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. Do you appreciate the little details?
  5. What style of kitchen are you trying to create?

Is storage space a deciding factor for you?

If having plenty of storage space is a deciding factor for you, then we’d recommend European kitchen cabinets. 

Typically, this design has ample storage, thanks to the frameless design. 

How important is durability? 

Durability is obviously important for all kitchen cabinets.

But if you intend to keep your kitchen for generations to come, then the European design is likely the better option.

Using higher-quality materials, with proper installation, these should last years.

What is your budget?

An important question you should be asking yourself: what is your budget?

If you’re on a particularly stretched budget, then American-style cabinets are often the most cost-effective option. This isn’t always the case, but it’s a good place to start shopping.

On the other hand, if your budget is a little larger, then you can check out a ton of European cabinet options. 

Do you appreciate the little details?

If you’re a real enthusiast for the little details, then you’ll be an instant fan of European-style kitchen cabinets.

It’s not to say American-style cabinets don’t have the same spark, but the build quality is typically better than the American counterpart.

What style of kitchen are you trying to create? 

Finally, your choice of cabinet will no doubt be influenced by the style of kitchen you’re trying to create.

If you’re going for a more open-style kitchen with plenty of space, then European cabinet options are the way to go.

Comparatively, if you’re using more stainless steel appliances and taking the route of a classic American kitchen, then you’d obviously go the route of American kitchen cabinets.

Whatever style you pick, choose the Designer Cabinets way

Whether you’re shopping for European or American-style kitchen cabinets, shop it the Designer Cabinets way.

We have a wide range of Designer cabinets at affordable prices, both European and American – the perfect range for your brand new kitchen design

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