When it comes to interior design, there is one term thrown around quite often. That term is an open concept kitchen (or other room). However, what does it mean? An open concept kitchen is one without any walls, connecting to other rooms, whether that be the dining room or living area.

Sometimes, an open concept kitchen design can connect multiple rooms too, making one large room. This is beneficial for numerous reasons, but the added space is always a welcomed addition to any home.

So, with this in mind, this blog post will discuss more on open concept kitchen designs, including the benefits, drawbacks, and more.

What are the benefits of an open concept kitchen design?

As previously mentioned, an open design presents several benefits to your average homeowner. These benefits include:

  • Added space 
  • Improved lighting & atmosphere
  • A great option for those with kids
  • Increased value of your property

Most notably, with an open design, you will benefit from the added space. Whether you feel crammed into your current kitchen, or you just need a little more room to suit the little ones, an open concept kitchen design is the one for you. You may also benefit from added value to your property, as if you didn’t already know, open planned designs are currently all the rage.

Are there any downsides?

As you may have expected, although there are a plethora of benefits to an open concept kitchen design, there are a few downsides, too. For example, potential cons include:

  • Smells roam free
  • Noisier
  • Less privacy

Depending on your needs for a larger space, these downsides may not bother you that much. For example, sure, while smells roam free, this isn’t always a bad thing. If you’re cooking up a storm, then you’re living room will smell great, too. Just remember to do the dishes on time and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

To conclude 

Open concept kitchen designs are currently all the rage. Essentially combining multiple rooms together, this design allows you to improve space, functionality, and convenience, especially great if you have kids or desperately need the extra room.

While this type of kitchen is not for everyone, we recommend at least giving it a thought – you will likely benefit from the added room, and if you’re planning on selling your property in the near future, you’ll likely get a little more on the market compared to a regular kitchen design.

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