If you’ve recently just undergone a kitchen renovation, you might be wondering how good of a job was actually done.

Usually, it’s easy to spot great or a poor quality kitchen renovation – there are some telltale signs, but also others that are a little more difficult to spot.

It’s worth noting that a new kitchen renovation might not be for your house. Instead, it could be for a house you’re considering purchasing. Alternatively, these are a few poor quality kitchen renovation signs you can keep in mind when reviewing work from contractors to find the best fit for you.

So, this blog post will highlight several poor renovation signs, beginning with the cabinets.

Do the cabinets look like they belong?

The choice of kitchen cabinets often makes or breaks a kitchen design. That includes not only the design, but the quality of installation. 

For example, if the cabinets are not fitted correctly, they look shoddy, out of line, and cheap. All kitchen cabinets should be in-line, fitted nicely to the wall, and in line with the other appliances.

This is an easy thing to spot, and once you notice it, you’ll never be able to forget it.

Is the flooring installed correctly?

That’s right – there are various flooring options for kitchens these days, from traditional hardwood, tile, laminate, and even carpet. 

However, often the flooring is not installed correctly. In the case of laminate, either cut too short, too loose, or too big, creating bumps in the floor.

For the best results, we always recommend working with a professional kitchen renovation expert or, at the very least, a flooring specialist. 

Poor quality kitchen renovation often involves substandard lighting

Alongside your choice of kitchen cabinets, substandard lighting can make a poor quality kitchen renovation.

Luckily, this is usually an easy fix. For example, you could install a brand new beautiful chandelier or more modern pendant lights.

On the other hand, if the kitchen layout has been arranged to minimize natural light, perhaps also using dark colors, then you’re facing a more expensive cost to fix the issue.

Natural light in any kitchen not only makes the room feel bigger, but it’s also more enjoyable to be in, and it transforms the whole space.

Not utilizing enough counter space 

There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that doesn’t have enough counter space. Maybe you’ll only realize once you begin to prepare dinner, running out of space and balancing plates on top of one another.

And sure, while you can add an island for a little extra space if needed, typically, you still want plenty of countertop space from your cabinets.

Countertop space is the new real estate – if you don’t have enough, then you’re going to struggle, and fewer people are going to be interested in your home, that is, of course, if you’re planning to sell.

A poor design/kitchen layout 

Finally, we have a poor design or kitchen layout. Sometimes, this is difficult to avoid, especially if the space is small.

Usually, for smaller spaces, a parallel kitchen design is chosen. 

For a poor quality kitchen renovation, smaller spaces may try to get away with a more standard design. But this can result in the kitchen feel even smaller and claustrophobic.

When approaching any kitchen renovation, it’s important to take into account the footprint. 

Perhaps you can extend by knocking through a wall and creating an open-planned design, or maybe, choosing a different layout will help you maximize space, also making the kitchen more inviting.

Avoid a poor quality kitchen renovation at all costs

Whether you’re looking at purchasing a new home or you’re bringing in a few contractors for a job, avoid a poor quality kitchen renovation at all costs.

A poor kitchen design and remodel is not only inconvenient, affecting your everyday life, but when you come to sell your home, fewer people will be interested. That is, of course, unless you remodel the whole kitchen.

And guess what? That’s an expensive task.

But at Designer Cabinets, we can make it a little more cost-effective. Why not browse our full range of designer cabinets at affordable prices, including popular cabinetry from Kraftmaid, JSI cabinetry, and others.

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