Simple but effective – however, what makes the parallel kitchen design so unique? 

Parallel kitchens have been a popular kitchen design for years. For those that don’t already know, a parallel kitchen is quite simply a kitchen where the countertops are parallel – opposite one another.

This type of kitchen design is popular for those tight on space, particularly useful for apartments, but also equally as good for increased storage space and efficiency. 

This blog post highlights exactly what makes the parallel kitchen design so special, beginning with simplicity.

The simplicity  

One of the many reasons why homeowners love the parallel kitchen design is its simplicity. It’s design at its finest – not too complicated and getting the job done without confusing things.

For this reason, the design is popular in many homes and apartments all around the world. However, a parallel kitchen is still best suited to those short on space.

If you have a much bigger footprint to work with, then you’ll likely benefit more from an open or island counter design.

Plenty of storage options 

Another reason why the parallel kitchen design is so well received is the storage available. 

The ample storage makes it a popular choice for apartments and those with a much smaller footprint, allowing homeowners to maximize every square inch.

If you’re currently finding yourself running out of space or stacking pots and pans in the most dangerous of places, then consider upgrading to the much more simple, but effective design.

The parallel kitchen design has multiple work surfaces 

While much larger kitchens have plenty of workspaces, it’s difficult to deny the efficiency of a parallel design.

For example, having two rows of countertops, back to back, this increases worksurface space drastically. 

A lack of storage and worktop space is one of the number one factors people complain about when it comes to their kitchen.

Upgrading to a parallel option ensures you have plenty of space to prepare your favorite salad or to host a dinner party full of your dearest guests.

Simple to navigate 

Finally, this kitchen design is simple to navigate – it is uncomplicated, easy to use, and universal in design.

Removing the complicated (and sometimes unnecessary) features provides you with a streamlined, efficient, and straightforward setup and fit for any chef or budding cook.

Oh, and how could we forget: you’re going to need a few new cabinets to suit your new parallel kitchen design. So, why not check out the Designer Cabinet range?

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