Most kitchen cabinets do not touch the ceiling. However, some do – this typically depends on the height of the roof and the design of the kitchen. Despite this, more often than not, your cabinets will not touch the ceiling and will instead sit at least several inches down. 

While at first glance installing taller cabinets may seem like an excellent idea, e.g. more storage space and a more flush look, in reality, taller cabinets are more impractical than you may think.

So, in this blog post, we will explain why most kitchen cabinets do not touch the ceiling, beginning with the obvious one: not being able to reach the top!

Not being able to reach the top of the kitchen cabinets 

Not being able to reach the top of the kitchen cabinets is the main reason why many cabinets do not touch the ceiling. If they did, you would likely require a stool or something else to stand on to reach the cabinet.

Besides, even if you could reach the cabinet, cleaning it would be more difficult, and in a worst-case scenario, may lead to a slip or a fall. From a safety standpoint, taller cabinets are not the most popular.

You can’t store stuff on top of the cabinets

When your kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, this means there is no storage space on top of the cabinet. Sure, while you may have more storage in the cabinet, you are actually missing out on more storage space this way.

Some cabinets also touch the ceiling, but the part touching the ceiling is a mold or coving. Even with a coving, you cannot store anything above the cabinets – just a worthy distinction to make.

There’s no law against ceiling height kitchen cabinets!

It goes without saying that there is no law against installing taller kitchen cabinets that touch the ceiling. Some people prefer taller cabinets thanks to some benefits, including the increased storage space, slicker design, less maintenance, and greater decorative space.

So, if your ceilings are not ridiculously high and you want to install taller cabinets, then go for it! There are benefits and downsides to each option. However, usually, you will see most kitchens with cabinets that do not touch the ceiling.

If you’re looking for new kitchen cabinets, whether taller ones or regular-sized cabinets, then be sure to check out our full designer cabinet range.

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