If you’re thinking of remodeling or renovating your kitchen, then you’re likely considering picking out new kitchen cabinets, too. The design of your cabinets can have a major impact on the overall aesthetic, design, and functionality of your kitchen. Therefore, it’s paramount that you make the right choice, especially as you likely won’t be replacing these anytime soon.

To help you choose the best kitchen cabinets for you, whether designer or on a budget, this article will provide you with some helpful pointers, beginning with wood type and color.

1. Wood type and color 

Before selecting a kitchen cabinet, you should decide on a final color scheme for your kitchen. This enables you to narrow down your cabinet selection, searching only for colors that match your overall aesthetic.

The same applies to wood type, too. So, once you’ve got these in mind, you can begin narrowing down your choice of cabinets for your kitchen.

2. Functionality is king for kitchen cabinets

Although the design is super important, you shouldn’t neglect functionality, either. If your designer (or regular) cabinets contain little to no storage, then you’re going to have a difficult time in the kitchen.

It’s a good idea to read all dimensions, key details, and specs for inquiring or making a purchase, ensuring you’ve made the correct overall decision for your kitchen.

3. Decide on a door style

Alongside the wood type, color, and functionality, you should also pay attention to the door style. Not all kitchen cabinet door styles are the same, therefore, you should choose one that matches the rest of your kitchen.

Sometimes, this won’t be possible, so it’s crucial to select a style in stock, especially if you’re planning on matching cabinets and other kitchen surfaces. If not, you may end up with a miss-match design, a sight for sore eyes and far from the ideal kitchen you pictured towards the start of your renovation.

4. Set a budget when choosing new kitchen cabinets

There’s no point in shopping for cabinets that are out of your budget. Not only does this waste time, but you may also set your expectations too high, or worse, blow all of your budget on the cabinets, not saving any money left for the rest of the renovation.

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