Are you planning a new kitchen layout? If so, there are various mistakes you should avoid. For example, installing a kitchen island in a kitchen with a smaller footprint is not always the best idea. Similarly, general poor circulation is equally as bad and should be avoided, too.

So, this blog post will highlight several kitchen layout mistakes that you should avoid this year.

Installing a kitchen island in too small a space

The first kitchen layout mistake you should avoid, as previously mentioned, is installing a kitchen island in too small a space. While a kitchen island can complement a kitchen, choosing to install an island in too small a space is much more counterproductive than it is practical. 

For a kitchen island to be productive, there should be ample space to move around the island. If so, this provides more worktop (and storage) space within the kitchen. Oh, and if you have a much larger kitchen footprint, then this helps “fill out the room” a little more. 

Ordering too big or too small kitchen counters

Second, many homeowners make the mistake of ordering either too big or too small kitchen counters. This presents numerous obstacles such as gaps in the kitchen layout, counters too small for comfort, and various other issues.

To find the best counters for your kitchen, you should always measure the kitchen dimensions beforehand. Furthermore, you should check the measurements of the counters online or in a shop to make sure they fit correctly in your kitchen.

Not utilizing the full kitchen layout and footprint 

Second to last, another kitchen layout mistake you should avoid is not utilizing the full kitchen footprint. This is an easy mistake to make. However, rectifying this issue can unlock more space and productivity in the kitchen. 

For example, you may have room for a kitchen island, might be able to squeeze in extra cabinets, storage units, or other accessories to improve kitchen efficiency. 

Poor lighting 

Our final kitchen layout mistake to avoid is poor lighting. Once again, luckily, this is an easy fix – accomplished with a brand new lighting setup. A kitchen that is too dark will dull the kitchen and make it a less pleasant room to be in. Instead, why not choose the modern route with pendant lights or other bright room-centered lights? This adds to the overall vibe and feel of the kitchen, making it a much more enjoyable and central room in your house.

Tip: Use lighter colored cabinets to attract natural light.

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