If you’re looking to purchase new cabinets for your kitchen, then you’ve likely arrived at the debate regarding whether white or dark cabinets look better. As you probably already know, there are benefits to both sides. However, how do you choose?

Well, this blog post will help you do exactly that, discussing the benefits of both white and dark cabinets to help you decide the best fit for your kitchen. 

White cabinets are timeless 

It goes without saying that white cabinets are timeless, modern in design and not going out of trend anytime soon. If you’re going the route of modern contemporary, then white cabinets are a must, bringing with them that subtle sophistication. 

White cabinets also attract light, creating a light and warming atmosphere in the heart of your home – a key reason why many homeowners choose the lighter option. 

Dark cabinets are more formal

While white cabinets are timeless, dark cabinets are more formal and elegant. Currently, in style, dark cabinets steal the show, however, only if these are done right. Unlike white cabinets, dark cabinets require much more attention to detail regarding kitchen design and lighting. As these do not attract light, design is even more important, preventing that couped-up dark and claustrophobic feeling you do not want in a kitchen. 

Regular cabinet maintenance

Generally, white cabinets require more frequent maintenance and cleaning. As these are white, they are more likely to pick up dirt, dust, and grime – needing frequent cleaning to maintain these. On the other hand, dark cabinets do not get dirty as easily, you’ll still need to clean and maintain these, but you could get away with skipping the occasional day with nobody noticing.

For this reason, the darker option of cabinets is often a good choice for families with small kids, allowing you to keep your cabinets clean-looking day in and day out. Unless you’re a fan of the utmost artistic crayon designs on your brand new white cabinets.

The bottom line 

Choosing between white and dark kitchen cabinets is not easy. However, choosing the right cabinets for you will complement your home, bringing with it light, warmth, and a great atmosphere and room that you’ll enjoy being in. Which let’s face it, that’s what being home is all about.

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