If you’ve recently purchased new wooden kitchen cabinets, you may be wondering what the best way to clean these actually is. Using too harsh chemicals may result in damage to the finish, reducing the cabinets overall lifespan, and making it look a little more worn.

So, with this in mind, this blog post will provide you with the best ways to clean your wooden kitchen cabinets, increasing their lifespan and allowing them to look their best year-round.

Wipe your wooden kitchen cabinets after cooking or preparing food

The best way to look after your cabinets is to clean as you go, wiping up any grease, drips, or spills as they happen. Doing so reduces the need for those harsher chemicals, and also protects the cabinets from harmful bacteria and general damage.

You should wipe your cabinets with either warm soapy water (with a damp cloth), or alternatively a homemade vinegar solution.

A homemade vinegar solution

A do-it-yourself cleaning option is the infamous homemade vinegar solution – simply mix one cup of white vinegar with one cup of water. This mild solution is ideal for daily cleaning, not too harsh on your wooden kitchen cabinets, either.

Using other solutions, such as flash or other antibacterial sprays may cause decolorization, damage, or deterioration. To increase the lifespan, stick to our do-it-yourself option.

Wooden kitchen cabinets require regular dusting

Alongside regularly cleaning your new cabinets, you should also dust routinely, too. This includes the inside of your cabinets and drawers. If dust does build up, this is simply more difficult to clean.

Either use a dry or slightly damp cloth to dust, or alternatively, a proper cleaning duster – the choice is yours.

If in doubt, using baking soda

If you have thick stains or substances left on your wooden kitchen cabinets, you may be tempted to use chemicals such as flash. However, instead, you should mix baking soda with water, creating a paste that wipes through grime, adding a sparkle to your cabinets.

This is much more gentle, further protecting your cabinets from those harmful chemicals.

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