There’s nothing worse than running out of storage space in your kitchen, forcing you to find an alternative solution. Whether you’re looking for storage hacks to put you on before purchasing a new kitchen or indefinitely, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will provide you with five storage hacks to increase storage space in your kitchen, using some clever, quirky, but storage-efficient designs.

Create two shelves out of one

If you have particularly deep shelves, consider turning one unit into two. This can be done by slotting in a correctly-fitted piece of wood (or other material) either slotted in or drilled into the shelving unit. 

Halving your shelves oddly creates twice the amount of space, whether that’s for storing food, kitchen utensils, or cooking and recipe books. 

Use drawers 

Whilst you have drawers installed into your kitchen, you can install your own too, increasing storage space. We’re not talking about fitting them in either – these can simply be placed in shelving units, cupboards, or stacked on top of one another. 

These drawers are great for storing excess food items, cutlery, or small utensils that perhaps don’t get used quite as often. 

Use a knife or utensil bar 

Often, in many kitchens, knives and utensils take up a big chunk of the storage space. Instead, why not opt for a knife or utensil bar (knife bars are often magnetic). Attaching to the wall, this frees up an abundance of space, providing more room to store other utensils and kitchen items.

Add hooks to the side of cabinets 

In your kitchen, you likely have one or two cabinets that are not connected to another surface and not in the way of an entry point or doorway. Add small hooks to the side of these, a great solution to hanging utensils, chopping boards, pots and pans, or anything that doesn’t quite fit in your standard footprint.

Don’t forget about cabinet doors

Our fifth and final storage hack is to make full use of cabinet and cupboard doors. Once again, you can add hooks to hang utensils or perhaps add a blackboard to write down recipes, notes, or measuring units.

When you’re short on space, it’s all about being creative, increasing your footprint, and working with what you’ve got.

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