Whether you plan on selling your home or not, remodeling or renovating your kitchen is an excellent method of increasing the overall value of your home. However, to increase the value to the maximum potential, it’s essential to create the perfect kitchen.

We’re not saying you need to design or renovate your kitchen to other’s specifications, but taking these into consideration will allow your home to perform better on the market, should you list this in the future.

So, with this in mind, this short blog post will highlight what home buyers look for in a kitchen, setting you up for your next kitchen remodel, beginning with modern kitchen countertops.

Modern kitchen countertops 

To begin with, many homebuyers look for modern kitchen countertops as part of a kitchen remodel. These don’t have to be designer, but the modern design is a must, a trend that many homebuyers look for when purchasing a home.

Besides, designer cabinets have never been more affordable, with brands such as Kraftmaid and Norcraft Cabinetry offering exceptional deals. 

An open planned design

Open-planned kitchen designs are becoming more and more popular, perhaps due to the increase in space and associated modern aesthetic. This is not essential, but it is certainly something to consider if you have the space available.

You can further complement an open-planned design with a spacious and modern island countertop, too (sometimes a deal-breaker for some buyers). 

Hardwood floors

Currently, hardwood floors are one of the more popular flooring options a serious consideration for a kitchen remodel. However, any high-quality flooring will do, including the more affordable option of laminate. A good floor separates a good kitchen from a great kitchen, so it’s important not to skip this when remodeling your kitchen.

Stainless steel appliances

Finally, home buyers also look for stainless steel appliances. These appliances further complement the modern look, so if possible, we recommend going this route from the beginning of the kitchen remodel.

You can purchase these appliances relatively cheap, but we do recommend investing in a high-quality oven and stove at the minimum, as these tend to be sold with the house, unlike other appliances.

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