Kitchen renovations are an exciting time; it’s a time to create new space, to provide a fresh lick of paint, and to provide a new look to your home. However, it’s essential that you do the renovation right. If not, you run the risk of encountering additional expenses down the line, and instead of increasing the value of your home, deprecating it.

So, where do homeowners go wrong? Without professional help or a little knowledge regarding general renovations, it’s easy to run into a mistake or two. This article will discuss four of the most common mistakes homeowners make, beginning with choosing aesthetics over function. 

Choosing aesthetics over function 

When homeowners plan and begin their kitchen renovations, many are guilty of choosing aesthetics over function. This is an easy mistake to make, however, can be countered by working alongside experts such as the Designer Cabinets online team.

With expert guidance and planning, you’ll be well on your way to a fully functional, efficient, and good looking kitchen – what more do you want from a renovation? 

Forgetting to consider lighting 

If you’re fully renovating, for example, knocking down or through walls, you should consider lighting. Most times, this will add light; however, it may reduce natural light exposure on some occasions. 

It’s important to consider this before performing any work, saving you the disappointment down the line. 

Beginning the kitchen remodel without a budget 

The third mistake many make during kitchen renovations is not working to a budget. If you begin your renovation without a budget, you may run out of money before the job is completed. There’s nothing worse than a half-complete kitchen, a mistake that can take months, if not years to get out of. 

Neglecting counter and storage space

Finally, many people often forget to consider counter and storage space. Without considering this, you may end up installing temporary storing solutions, not matching your decor, and taking away from the renovation. Or worse, you’ll run out of space entirely – the exact opposite of a renovation.

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