There are many ways to renovate your kitchen, from fitting new cabinets, islands, and increased storage to knocking through a wall and creating an open planned kitchen. In fact, these are all the rage, creating a large space for family and friends to gather, eat, and laugh the night away.

This article will discuss the benefits of an open planned kitchen, beginning with the obvious: increased room.

Increased room

It’s no secret that creating an open planned kitchen provides you with more room. This is especially great if you have a large family and want to create a space you can all enjoy with plenty of room remaining.

Furthermore, the increase in room will make your home look larger and more modern, a potential selling point if you’re looking to list your house on the market shortly. 

Better for younger children

If you have young children or grandkids, an open planned kitchen means you can keep an eye on them much easier. This is especially true when cooking meals, allowing them to roam freely but still within your sight, not restricting them to a high chair or pram.

Ease of access

With an open planned kitchen, you gain additional accessibility. With extra room to move around, you have more room for activities, family get-togethers, or if you’re particularly wild, the occasional party or two. 

If your house is on the smaller side, going open planned creates more room by removing partitions, a great way to save on space while creating a family-friendly zone.

Modern family-friendly

Finally, most open planned kitchens are modern family-friendly, especially great for large households, e.g., those living with grandparents or several children, not to mention a handful of pets.

To conclude

There are several benefits of choosing to go the route of an open planned kitchen. However, some of these include increased room, better for younger children, and increased accessibility, as discussed above.

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