Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means 2024 is still young but fleeing fast enough that we can already tell the most popular kitchen cabinet colors of the year. Cabinets are always the centerpiece of any kitchen, and their colors can make or break a space’s overall look and feel. 

This year, there is a shift towards unique and bold cabinet colors, departing from the traditional neutral tones. Some popular modern kitchen cabinet colors include dark blues, grays, and neutral greens. But 2024 is taking boldness up a notch, with black, forest greens, and some shades of purple gaining popularity.

At Designer Cabinets Online, we’re uniquely positioned to see the latest trends in kitchen cabinet colors because we work directly with clients on their kitchen renovation projects every day. We’ll list our clients’ most popular kitchen cabinet colors for their 2024 projects.

But let us start by understanding the influence of kitchen cabinet colors. We’ll also discuss the ever-evolving role they play in kitchen design.

The Influence of Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Kitchen cabinet colors have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of a kitchen. They can completely transform the look and feel of a space, making it appear either modern, traditional, or even whimsical.

Additionally, kitchen cabinet colors also affect our moods and emotions. Colors evoke specific, varying feelings and moods. Choosing the right cabinet color can help set the tone for your entire kitchen, making it a warm and inviting space.

A trend has been growing, making it popular to use bold and unique colors in kitchen design. Homeowners are no longer sticking to safe and neutral tones, instead opting for more vibrant and eye-catching colors. This trend is expected to continue into 2024, with even bolder colors gaining popularity.

The Role of Kitchen Cabinet Colors in Design

Kitchen cabinet colors are more than just a visual element in a space; they also serve a functional purpose. Lighter colors like white and cream often make small spaces appear larger and brighter. On the other hand, darker colors can add depth and warmth to a larger kitchen.

Kitchen design has varying styles, and you should consider your preferred style so it matches the kitchen cabinet colors you choose. Traditional kitchens have more neutral and classic cabinet colors, while modern and contemporary designs often incorporate bolder hues.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2024

Let’s now explore some of the top kitchen cabinet colors that are predicted to dominate in 2024.

1. Rich and Earthy Tones

What makes a color rich and earthy? It’s the qualities of deep and warm hues, which also evoke a sense of grounding and stability, making them the perfect choice for kitchen cabinets. 

As mentioned earlier, terracotta, olive green, and burnt orange are all earthy tones that exude warmth and make your kitchen cozy. 

Muted blues, deep greens, warm grays, and browns will also likely be popular in 2024. These colors can add depth and richness, making your kitchen appear inviting and warm. 

2. Dark and Dramatic Shades

As mentioned earlier, dark shades such as navy blue, charcoal gray, and forest green will continue to dominate the kitchen cabinet color scene in 2024. These bold colors can make a statement to suit the dramatic nature of creating meals for families and guests.

Pairing dark cabinets with light countertops and backsplashes produces the kind of contrast sure to command attention. Embedding natural elements like wood or stone accents helps to soften the boldness and drama, balancing the overall look.

3. Warm Neutrals

Neutral tones never go out of style, and we foresee them remaining popular in 2024 as well. However, warm neutrals such as creamy beiges, soft taupes, and light browns will take center stage instead of cool grays and whites.

These are the colors to go for if you need warmth and coziness while maintaining a timeless look. They also pair well with various other colors, making it easy to change up the overall look of your kitchen without having to replace the cabinets.

4. Black is Back

While black has always been a classic color choice for kitchen cabinets, it is expected to make a comeback in 2024. Black adds an air of sophistication and elegance to any space and can work well with both traditional and modern kitchen designs.

Black exudes a sense of luxury and absorbs light, making it an excellent choice for larger and naturally lit kitchens. To prevent black from overpowering the space, consider incorporating other colors or textures to balance it out.

For example, pairing black cabinets with light countertops and backsplashes can create a beautiful contrast. Also, consider adding color pops using knobs and handles of a contrasting hue, accessories, or statement pieces like a bold rug or colorful artwork.

5. High Gloss Finishes

High gloss finishes will continue to be a popular trend in 2024 but with a twist. Instead of the traditional glossy white cabinets, we will see more high-gloss options in bold and vibrant colors.

These shiny finishes add an ultra-modern and sleek touch to any kitchen space, creating a sense of luxury. It will accentuate the two-tone trend of contrasting cabinet colors, with one set of cabinets in a high gloss finish and the other in a matte or wood grain texture.

Another benefit of high gloss finishes is their ability to reflect light, making small kitchens appear larger and more open. However, such finishes are prone to smudges and scratches, so it’s essential to keep them clean and well-maintained.

What Is the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color for 2024?

While black and high gloss finishes are expected to be popular in 2024, the most sought-after color for kitchen cabinets will likely be blue. This versatile and timeless color is making a strong comeback in interior design, with various shades of blue being used in kitchens.

The range includes cobalt and baby blue among endless blue hues. Blue cabinets can add a calming and sophisticated touch to the space or create a bold and vibrant statement.

Blue also pairs well with popular colors like white, black, and wood tones. It can adapt to any design style, from classic to modern, making it a top contender for kitchen cabinet color in 2024.

Final Thoughts on 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Colors

As mentioned earlier, dark blues, grays, and greens have been some of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors in recent years. For 2024, we expect to see a shift towards even darker and more dramatic shades such as navy blue, charcoal gray, and forest green.

Warm and earthy tones are also expected to gain popularity. Shades like terracotta, olive green, and burnt orange will create a cozy and hospitable appeal to any kitchen space. But it’s not just about bold, solid colors anymore. 

Mixing and matching different cabinet colors has also become a popular trend. It allows you to add a unique and personalized touch to your kitchen design. Think navy blue lower cabinets paired with white upper cabinets or a combination of light and dark wood tones for a more rustic look. As you decide on the ideal color, also find out the must-have kitchen cabinet features you need to consider when selecting your kitchen cabinets. After that, find out how much Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets cost to ensure your dream kitchen is within budget.

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