Brown color countertops are all the rage – it’s a color that goes well with beach homes and gives off a relaxing, country vibe. But what color cabinets go with brown granite countertops?

There are many colors that go well with brown granite countertops, including white, oranges, other shades of brown, and even reddish-browns.

As brown is such a versatile color, this means you can pair it with a ton of other options. 

So, with that out of the way, the remainder of this article will highlight other color cabinets to choose, alternative color schemes for your kitchen, and more.

What other cabinets go well with brown granite countertops?

There are many shades of brown, making it easy to pair with other colors. 

Furthermore, brown granite countertops act as an accent – it’s a burst of color designed to complement your countertops (and general kitchen design).

So, your choice of kitchen cabinets (and their color) is key to bringing your kitchen to life.

Alongside the other colors mentioned previously, try the following colors with brown granite:

  • Black
  • White
  • Cream
  • Mahogany 
  • Off-white
  • Green
  • Chocolate wood 

These are just a few other options to help you decide what color cabinets go with brown granite countertops, but there are plenty of other options, too. 

What color to paint the kitchen?

Okay, now that you’ve decided on the color of your kitchen cabinets, what about the color of your kitchen?

While it may seem boring and the more obvious answer, painting your kitchen white is often the way to go.

The color white is inviting and clean, and often makes the space look bigger. It also attracts more natural light and pairs well with virtually all colors (and that includes brown granite).

If you’re not a fan of white, then blues and greens can also work well. Just be sure they match your cabinets but don’t clash – the last thing you want is your cabinets to look like an extension of your wall.

For further inspiration, we suggest browsing Pinterest – it’s packed full of kitchen (and other home renovation) designs.

How do I match brown granite?

As previously mentioned, brown granite goes with a ton of colors. Therefore, it’s super easy to match.

A good place to start is with colors such as white, black, and green. But feel free to play around with it.

You can use color strips to get a feel for how various colors complement each other, or you can use kitchen design software for a more immersive experience.

Do off-white kitchen cabinets go with granite countertops?

Yes! Off-white kitchen cabinets pair nicely with granite countertops. However, if you’re painting the walls white, just make sure these don’t clash.

If painting the walls white, though, you could try a black counter with a brown granite countertop – it looks elegant, classy, and sophisticated for a mid-week dinner party.

Is brown granite outdated?

Brown granite countertops are not outdated! Most likely, this is because there are endless shades of brown available, allowing you to play around and keep things fresh.

Colors such as brown always stay in style thanks to its country and beach look – two traits many homeowners love.

What about a granite backsplash?

A granite backsplash is a great addition to any kitchen, once again, working well with a range of colors. Although, it works especially well with brown granite – creating a nice contrast and bringing the rest of the kitchen together nicely.

As a general rule of thumb: when choosing a backsplash, try and use it as an accent. For example, if you had white countertops, a black backsplash would work well. On the other hand, if you had darker colors, then a lighter color would be a great fit.

To summarise 

This blog post has discussed the best cabinet color with brown granite – mainly white, black, orange, green, and even cream.

But the choice is up to you – brown granite countertops are super versatile and pair well with a ton of colors.

Just make sure to match the rest of your kitchen design (including paint color) for the best results. 

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