Sometimes, a new kitchen is not an option. Instead, you have to work with what you’ve got. And that’s absolutely fine! Saving counter space in a small kitchen is definitely possible, but you might need to get a little crafty with things to create a little extra space…

So, this blog post will provide you with x ways to save counter space in a small kitchen, beginning with open shelving.

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Open shelving 

If you’re running short on counter space, then try adding open shelving. 

By removing items from counters, you’ll re-gain a little space, a ton of storage, and additional functionality. And besides, it looks great and adds character. What’s not to love?

Who says storage has to be in the kitchen?

If your counter space in a small kitchen is particularly low, then you can add further storage in another room.

So long as you’re not storing cheese under your bed, there should be plenty of room around the house to store kitchen goods, whether that means housing a few appliances in your living room, or storing excess food in the pantry.

And if you’ve got appliances that you don’t use all that often, or perhaps at all, then move them out of the kitchen!

Whatever it is, there are likely a few creative ways you can increase storage space while gaining more counter space!

Add counter space in a small kitchen by making the most of corners…

Corner space in most kitchens is underused – but when counter space in a small kitchen is a problem, you need to make the most of every bit of space. 

For example, you can add utensil racks, open shelving above the sink, or use other creative ways to save a bit of space while maximizing the counter space that you do have. It’s about working with what you have and saving space.

What about a folding kitchen table?

A folding kitchen table is an excellent way to increase counter space in a small kitchen. Not only is it ideal for eating meals, but the table can also double up as a workspace when needed.

Oh, and when you’re done, you can simply fold it up and store it away conveniently. 

Turn your sink or stovetop into a workspace 

While your stovetop and sink area are obviously essential to any kitchen, when they’re not in use they can often double up into additional workspace.

Make sure the stovetop is turned off before using chopping boards to avoid a disaster, though.

But if you’re short on space, the additional few inches of space can work wonders. So, give it a go!

Add an island extension

If you don’t have a kitchen island, then you can use an island extension – essentially a kitchen island on wheels.

This funky piece of kit is great for creating a little extra worktop space without the need for a full remodel. And besides, when you’re done, you can wheel the mess away…

Make use of the backsplash

Often, many homeowners forget about the backsplash – it can also be used for additional storage. 

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could even create a pegboard design to store tools while protecting your kitchen against those nasty splashes.

So, double up and make use of the backsplash, and you’ll free up more worktop space.

Mason jars are your best friend!

If you’ve got a small kitchen and you’re running low on storage space, then chances are you also don’t have a pantry. But fear not – mason jars and open shelving units bring you all the storage you need. You can store pasta, rice, cereal, and other goods in mason jars, saving space and keeping your food fresh.

And if you don’t have space in your kitchen to store these, then they can also be stored in another room – once again, just keep them out of the bedrooms…

The bottom line

When you’re working with little counter space in a small kitchen, it can be difficult to cook and prepare meals, never mind host dinner parties.

But with a few crafty tricks, open shelving units, and perhaps a folding table, you can reclaim a little countertop space to cook and prep with a little more comfort.

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