If you’re considering a remodel on a budget, or your other half is adamant about not tearing down the walls, then you might choose more of a minor kitchen remodel approach.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to your kitchen on a budget to spice things up, not only improving aesthetics and functionality, but even the value of your home.

This blog post will first discuss what a minor kitchen remodel is, followed up with a few remodel project ideas you can do at home yourself.

What is a minor kitchen remodel?

As previously mentioned, there are many things you can do in the kitchen that isn’t considered a major “remodel.” 

Not only does this allow you to keep the costs down, but it’s a way to add a new lease of life to a family space with minimal effort and without the mess of a major renovation. And quite frankly, we’d all prefer to avoid the mess of a renovation… 

Minor kitchen remodel ideas to try at home 

We’ve gathered together a few minor kitchen remodel ideas for you to try at home, most of which you can do on a budget:

  • Re-paint your kitchen walls
  • Update your cabinets
  • Install new lighting
  • Add a backsplash to your kitchen
  • Don’t neglect the use of wallpaper 
  • Add a new lease of life to your kitchen cabinets

We will now discuss these remodel ideas in more detail below.

Re-paint your kitchen walls

A quick lick of paint can transform your entire kitchen. Using a lighter shader or color choice can transform your space, adding more natural light and making your home feel more welcoming.

Update your cabinets

Out of all the minor kitchen remodel ideas, updating your kitchen cabinets, is well, the least minor…

However, who said that great cabinets have to be expensive? You can shop designer cabinets at affordable prices, with cabinets from popular brands such as Kraftmaid, Norcraft cabinetry, and others.

View our full selection of designer cabinets and transform your kitchen today, all without breaking the bank.

Install new lighting 

Poor lighting can make any room, especially the kitchen, feel less inviting, and in some cases, slightly claustrophobic.

And you don’t need to install a fancy chandelier either – consider pendant lighting or other options to add a statement on a budget.

If you’re looking for a few extra brownie points, then consider matching your lighting to the accents of your cabinets or overall kitchen design. We promise it will look great.

Add a backsplash to your kitchen

Although the main purpose of a backsplash is to protect the walls in your kitchen, they also look great and can complement the existing design.

You don’t need to choose a boring backsplash either; there are plenty of options available from glass to tile and porcelain, fit for any kitchen.

Don’t neglect the use of wallpaper

Would you consider a minor kitchen remodel that uses wallpaper? Well, we would. And before you say no, hear us out for a second.

Adding wallpaper to your kitchen is an excellent way to add a bit of color. And sure, while wallpaper is not that popular where meals are made, it can help make it feel like a completely different room.

But be warned, your choice of wallpaper is essential. Get it wrong, and your kitchen will look, well, weird…

Add a new lease of life to your kitchen cabinets

If you’re working towards more of a budget, instead of purchasing brand new kitchen cabinets, you can refurbish or re-paint your existing cabinets.

Perhaps you want to try a new color scheme, or maybe it’s just time to sand down your cabinets, thanks to years of use.

Often, refurbishing your current kitchen cabinets can be just as effective (aesthetics-wise) as purchasing new ones. But if you’re already running short on space, then perhaps it’s time for an upgrade…

Minor kitchen remodels do not need to be expensive…

As you’ve learned in this article, minor kitchen remodels do not need to be expensive, and they also don’t need to disrupt your everyday life.

Whether you choose a fresh lick of paint, want to install new designer kitchen cabinets, or perhaps add new lighting to the space, there are many things you can do to transform the best room in the h

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