Add a little light to your life with under kitchen cabinet lights, transforming your kitchen without breaking the bank.

With so many different lighting options available, you have endless possibilities when it comes to design, ambiance, and the look and feel of the heart of the home.

So, with this in mind, this blog post will discuss more on under cabinets lighting options, including the best options available.

Is under kitchen cabinet lighting necessary?

That’s right – we’re one paragraph in, and we’re asking whether or not under kitchen cabinet lighting is really necessary. 

Well, while it’s not as essential as a stove or refrigerator, implementing under kitchen cabinet lighting can provide a nice finishing touch to your kitchen design.

In fact, it can transform a space, improve the ambiance, and set the mood for dinner parties or other events.

LED and fluorescent lights are the way to go

When it comes to choosing under kitchen cabinets lighting, we recommend choosing LED and fluorescent lights.


There are numerous reasons, some of which include:

  • LED and fluorescent lights emit little to no heat
  • They look great
  • You can set or get different colors 
  • They are long-lasting 

As you can see, there are several key pros of choosing LED and fluorescent lights. However, the main benefits are low heat production and personalization. 

Many of these lights allow you to change colors with the flick of a button, transforming your kitchen into party mode.

Well, you don’t have to quite go party mode, but you can mix it up a little. And if that isn’t your thing, then you have other, more traditional options available.

If you’re not a fan of LEDs or fluorescent under kitchen cabinet lighting options, then you may wish to consider strip lights.

Strip lights are super easy to install, often contain endless RGB color combinations, and are inexpensive.

These can be installed with little to no labor and in as little as one hour. 

In fact, these can be a great sample light, to begin with. And besides, if you wish to invest in a more expensive LED option down the line, then you can do that, too.

To conclude 

Under kitchen cabinet lighting has gained massive popularity in recent years. Whether it’s the ability to transform the ambiance at the touch of a button or the inner-party inside of us, there’s something special about cabinet lighting. 

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