Many people choose to renovate their home for numerous different reasons.  Perhaps you’ve been stuck inside for too long and fancy a change-up. We get it! However, before you jump the gun and begin knocking down walls, this article will highlight several other reasons why people renovate their homes.

Many people renovate their home to increase value 

Renovating your home, whether that’s fitting a new kitchen, creating a more open planned design, or re-doing the bathrooms often increases the overall value of the home. Whether you’re planning on selling your house in the near future or not, the increase in value certainly does not go amiss.

Far too often many people sell their property in its current state, losing out on thousands of extra dollars as they did not keep up with recent trends. Besides, spending a few dollars here could yield much more back in the future once your house goes on the market.

To find more space

The footprint of a home only provides a set amount of space. However, many homeowners choose to renovate their home by knocking through walls and creating an open planned design. This is a great option for larger families and those running short on space, creating more room and a warm and welcoming environment.

It’s easier than moving…

If you’re set where you are and are not quite yet ready to move but fancy a change-up, then renovating your home is the next best thing. Whether you stick to a similar style or go for something entirely different, the choice is up to you. 

Despite this, we would recommend sticking to the latest trends, just in case you do decide to list the property on the market, allowing you to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Renovate your home to increase safety

Our final reason for homeowners renovating their own is to increase safety. If your home has been lived in for quite some time, there may be structural or internal damage. Fixing this damage with a renovation project can drastically increase the safety of your home and roof.

Before renovating, we recommend booking a property safety inspection to see what areas (if any) require the most work. This helps you narrow down where to allocate your budget, renovating your home around the biggest issues. A great use of money, especially if you plan on residing in your current property for quite some time.

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