Glass backsplashes can most definitely be used in a kitchen. However, they haven’t been as popular in recent years. Previously though, they were very popular. Despite this, with so many different options available, fewer people choose to use glass backsplashes in their kitchens.

On the other hand, they are appearing to make a little bit of a comeback in the last few months, with more homeowners opting for the more traditional look. So, to help you decide which backsplash to use, this article will discuss the benefits of glass, beginning with the heat resistance.

Glass backsplashes are incredibly heat resistant 

To begin with, glass backsplashes are incredibly heat resistant. This is because they are usually made of toughened glass. These are virtually impossible to crack through heat alone, making them a durable option for the kitchen, especially when the heat gets turned up. 


Second, glass is much easier to clean than alternatives, such as acrylic. Being more hygienic, this means you can cook with little to no worry, and when you’re done, it’s super easy to clean, too. This is because the panel is flat, with any splashes or dirt cleaned up with a wipe of a cloth.

Despite this, they are not immune to fingerprints – it’s glass, after all. However, you should not have any need to touch the glass backsplash with your hands without a cloth anyways. So, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Glass backsplashes are easy to install

Second, to last, glass backsplashes are easy to install. This is a rather straightforward point. However, with less installation time, you can spend more time cooking up a storm, whether your family’s favorite bolognese, spicy chicken wings, or maybe even a mean curry. Oh, and you’ll have less clean-up, even with a few spills. It’s a win, win.

It’s cheap

Finally, as glass backsplashes are not as popular as they once were, they are no longer quite as expensive. Furthermore, you’re only really paying for a medium piece of toughened glass, as opposed to perhaps more expensive tiling options. Therefore, this can make it a much cheaper alternative, while also protecting your tiles or paint in the process.

So, if you’re trying to decide whether or not to choose a glass backsplash for your kitchen, we say: why not go for it! It’s unique, it’s easy to clean, low on cost, and it looks pretty great, too!

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