Often, many property and homeowners consider matching their flooring with their kitchen cabinets. However, is this the best design concept? Sure, it may look neat, but are there better alternatives available?

This short blog post will discuss everything you need to know surrounding this concept, enabling you to choose the very best kitchen cabinets and flooring choices for your new renovation project.

Consider mixing instead of matching 

Instead of directly matching colors or materials (e.g. light hardwood), you should instead consider mixing. For example, you can instead choose contrasting colors and materials, lights and darks perhaps. This design method enables you to get the most of our kitchen and kitchen cabinets, allowing them to pop while complementing each other.

Coordination is king when choosing kitchen cabinets

Following on from our previous point, coordination is king when choosing kitchen cabinets and flooring. While they certainly do not have to match, you should remain somewhat coordinated with your selection. 

Don’t go too rouge, choosing all kinds of different styles, patterns, and colors. Keep it simple, follow basic interior design guidelines, and pick some contrasting (or light color variants) and you’ll be well on your way to creating a stunning kitchen.

Choose your kitchen cabinets before your flooring 

One of the most expensive and most impressive components of any kitchen is often the cabinets. Therefore, if possible, you should select your choice of kitchen cabinets before choosing a flooring option.

For example, choosing a black countertop design sets you up for a white flooring option, while perhaps a hardwood design would be best complemented with a stone pattern, whether tile or laminate.

This may not always be entirely possible to choose the cabinets first. But as these are often more expensive, therefore set you up in a much better position when selecting your choice of flooring. 

To finish 

Selecting both kitchen cabinets and flooring options for your kitchen renovation is no easy task. And that’s without considering the need to mix or match different materials, styles, and colors together. However, armed with these tips outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to designing the kitchen of your dreams.

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