If you’ve had a quick glance at custom cabinetry, then you may be shocked as to how expensive these can be. It’s common for a custom design to cost upwards of double the price of regular or designer cabinets, but the benefits of these are often worth the additional cost.

Despite this, you may still be wondering why exactly custom cabinetry is significantly more expensive as opposed to regular cabinets. Therefore, in this article, we will highlight several reasons why custom cabinetry may leave a slightly larger hole in your bank during your next renovation. 

Higher quality materials 

Custom cabinetry often involves the use of higher quality materials. This alone is a key reason why many homeowners choose to go the custom route. With higher quality materials, you’re looking at an extended lifespan, perhaps even lasting multiple generations. 

Also, this is likely to increase the value of your property, a win, win for those looking for a new house in the not so near future. 

Custom cabinetry allows for full customization 

Second, custom cabinets allow for full customization. Unlike regular cabinets, when going custom, everything is created to your exact specifications. For example, perhaps you require specific dimensions, maybe additional drawers, deeper cupboard space, or other features.

These benefits and this level of customization are not available with regular cabinetry, consequently, increasing the cost, too.

Superior craftsmanship 

Finally, custom cabinetry often involves superior craftsmanship. Not only are higher quality materials used, but the workmanship that goes into each design is much more in-depth than regular manufacturing.

Often, it is a small team (sometimes even one person) creating custom cabinetry, providing much greater attention to detail, but also costing significantly more money.

The bottom line 

Custom cabinets are not for everyone, however, if you’re looking for cabinetry that will last for generations, made to your exact specifications, and maybe something a little unique, then you should definitely consider the slightly more expensive cabinetry option. However, remember: a custom job is likely to last much longer than regular manufacturing, definitley enabling you to get your money’s worth in the long-run.

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