Choosing cabinet handles for your brand new designer cabinets is the icing on the cake for your kitchen remodel. Select the right ones, and it will amplify the look; however, if you choose the wrong ones, it will take away from the overall look and finish.

There are many, many different cabinet handles and knobs available to choose from. However, how do you know which one’s the best match for your door styles or designer cabinets? This article will discuss all things cabinet handles, ensuring you make the right choice.

Cabinet knobs vs. pull cabinet handles

Before selecting a handle, you first need to decide between cabinet knobs and pulls. Generally, selecting pulls for drawers and knobs for cupboard doors is an easy way to approach this. However, the decision is entirely yours, so play around with it!

It should be noted that pulls are often considered more modern, whereas knobs are slightly vintage-looking. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate modern finish for your brand new designer cabinets, then pull handles are the way forward.

It’s all about the finish

There are various cabinet handle finishes available, whether this is chrome, nickel, or something a little more adventurous. You should try a mix of different samples to see what looks best, perhaps something that contrasts nicely with your countertops and general kitchen aesthetic. 

Don’t be afraid to try them out!

Finally, don’t be afraid to try them out. If possible, you should test these out for comfort, whether in-store or via delivered samples. This allows you to see how comfortable they are, also assessing the finish and style, enabling you to make the final decision.

To conclude

Choosing a set of cabinet handles is more difficult than you may initially think. It’s important to select knobs or pulls that match the general aesthetic of your new kitchen, and that is no easy task.

Prepare to test out many samples, especially if sourcing parts from different stores or online shops. Alternatively, you can go the Designer Cabinets way, selecting cabinets and handles from designer brands including Kraftmaid, JSI Cabinets, and Norcraft Cabinetry. 

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