We’ve all had that experience before: you visit a friend or family member’s home, and you can’t help but think, “wow, this is a really great kitchen.” However, what makes a kitchen a great kitchen?

This is a question we ask ourselves all of the time, yet very few people know the answer. Accordingly, this article will discuss exactly that: what makes a kitchen great.

Your choice of cabinets

First and foremost, your choice of cabinets is super important. Choosing well-made, perhaps more expensive cabinets ensures these last longer and look great. If you’re looking to take it a step further, you can order custom-made cabinets to fit your exact specifications, not only looking great but being super functional, too.

Create as much space as possible

Not all great kitchens have the most space. However, they feel as if they do. This is achieved by a smart design, utilizing the existing footprint to its maximum potential. You can do the same with your kitchen too, perhaps removing that island you never use or perhaps knocking through a wall to create an open-planned design.

We realize this is not possible for all homeowners, but creating space and utilizing your existing footprint is key when it comes to creating a truly great kitchen.


Many homeowners neglect the importance of lighting. A good set of lights can turn the darkest of kitchens into a scene from MasterChef, illuminating the space and bringing joy to one of the more communal areas of the home.

A good set of lights are relatively cheap and can make a huge difference to your kitchen, definitely worth a try at home for that quick fix on a budget.

Your choice of flooring 

Finally, your choice of flooring is also crucial. Flooring which looks cheap or is a little beaten down may take away from the ‘great kitchen’ atmosphere. Ideally, you want to invest in either tile or laminate flooring, creating a luxury, clean, and standout communal space, whether you’re cooking up a storm or inviting friends over for dinner.

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