Transforming your kitchen has never been easier, whether a quick lick of paint or knocking through a wall or two. Perhaps you’re bored of your current kitchen design and are ready for a refresh, or maybe you’re short on space and need the extra storage. There are many reasons why you could be considering an upgrade.

This short article will provide you four ways to transform your kitchen on a budget, beginning with sticking to and working with your existing kitchen layout. 

Stick to your existing kitchen layout 

If you’re working to a budget, working with your existing layout is the best way forward. There are many things you can do to freshen things up, including painting cabinets, adding an island counter, or laminate flooring.

Re-use current furniture 

Just because you’re considering a remodel, doesn’t mean you need to purchase new furniture. You can use current furniture and freshen this up, or purchase second-hand furniture on the cheap if you’re after something a little different.

This can all be achieved on a budget, allowing you to transform your kitchen and save money for more expensive upgrades, whether that’s a new tile floor, top of the line refrigerator, or center piece island.

Install new lighting 

One of the best ways to transform your kitchen on a budget is installing new lighting. Lighting is relatively inexpensive and available in many different styles, whether rustic, modern, or country-like. 

Changing the lighting changes the entire feel of the room, and it’s super easy to install, too!

Knock through a wall or two

Finally, if you need a little more room or are after a drastic change, consider knocking through a wall or two, creating an open planned kitchen. You can do this yourself if your confident, saving on labor costs and additional expenses.

With this being said, if you do wish to knock through a wall or two then ensure you’re ready to commit. Once you’ve started, it’s hard to go back and will incur plenty of other expenses. 

That’s all you need to know about transforming your kitchen on a budget – happy renovating!

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