Open-planned kitchens are all the rage, with more and more families deciding to knock through a wall or two in favor of the increased space. Perhaps you’re wondering if you should make the same change, making the most out of your footprint and transforming not only your kitchen but your home, too. 

This short article will provide you with five reasons why homeowners love open-planned kitchens.

Increased natural light

Firstly, when you choose the open-planned design, you often result in achieving increased natural light. This can make your downstairs/room feel even more spacious, a great opportunity for smaller homes.

Great room for entertainment 

Not only do you increase the amount of natural light, but with an open-planned design, you have more room for entertainment. This is great for hosting dinner parties or having guests over, certainly a decision that will impress your friends and family.

An open-planned design increases space 

It may seem obvious, but you will also achieve increased space, making use of your existing footprint. If your house is relatively small, or you’re running low on space, this is a relatively easy and affordable restoration for what you gain in return.

Furthermore, this design is much easier to keep clean and organized, mainly thanks to the increased room.

Added value to your property  

If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, transitioning to an open design will add value to your property. Consider re-painting or fitting new cabinets before listing on the market for further added value.

Open-planned kitchens are easier to keep an eye on the kids 

Fifth and finally, when you choose an open-planned kitchen design, it’s much easier to keep an eye on the kids. This is great for those who are young and equally as good for entering guests – it’s a win, win. 

To conclude 

More and more homeowners are knocking through walls and reaping the benefits of the open planned design. If you’re looking for increased room, natural light, and added value to your property, then this transition is certainly for you. 

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