KraftMaid Cabinetry DuraKraft Plus is KraftMaid’s newly designed, end to end finishing system.  It delivers the smoothest, most beautiful and durable finish ever.  It is a difference you can see and feel.  KraftMaid knows you want a kitchen that not only is beautiful but will be durable and stand up to everything life throws at it.  They understand that the quality of a finish affects how a kitchen looks and feels, from the day it is installed to 5, 10 or even 20 years down the road.


KraftMaid Announces Revolutionary New Finishing System!


KraftMaid delivers a high quality product that will exceed your expectations.  They have invested millions of dollars and thousands of man hours to completely redesign their entire process from start to finish.  Introducing KraftMaid Cabinetry DuraKraft Plus, a revolutionary new finishing system.


DuraKraft Plus


KraftMaid Wood Selection

KraftMaid has stayed true to the foundation of their finish process.  Blending manufacturing technologies and automation with the skills of local craftsmen.  They have invested aggressively in new, state of the art equipment and advanced technologies to completely revolutionize every aspect of their process.  From selecting the right wood for each door, to virtually eliminating visible end and cross grain, to improved color application and adhesion of their painted finishes.  The new KraftMaid Cabinetry DuraKraft Plus finishing system delivers the highest quality finish ever produced from KraftMaid.


KraftMaid Sanding And Prepping

All wood doors and drawer fronts use the KraftMaid Cabinetry Durakraft Plus Finishing system, resulting in the finest looking cabinetry available in the industry.  Every cabinet leaving their factory today receives this revolutionary new finish.  With each KraftMaid kitchen purchased, you can be confident that you are receiving their very best.  We hope you are as excited as we are about KraftMaid Cabinetry DuraKraft Plus finishing system and the added value it will bring to your investment in new cabinetry.


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Designer Cabinets has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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