Great kitchens are inspiring. They add luxury and value to a home, and have been known to sell houses on the real estate market. Even television shows are created around the idea of fantasy kitchens and people throw parties just to show them off. The kitchen, in many households, is the gathering space in the home where family and friends come together to spend quality time with one another. It is, for many, the main attraction of the home. Fortunately, great companies keep coming up with new ideas and fresh design options for creating the dream kitchen.


KraftMaid is the latest addition to the Designer Cabinets Online product line. An industry leader in kitchen cabinet manufacturing, KraftMaid is one of those great companies that still offers the same quality hand-crafted, semi-custom made cabinets they’ve been making since their beginning, 40 years ago. The addition of Kraftmaid opens up even more design possibilities for our clients, giving them more options to help create their visions of the perfect dream kitchen.


There are many great reasons to choose KraftMaid cabinets to transform the main attraction in your home:


1.   The cabinets are still created with a true custom-made look and style.


2.   KraftMaid works with the finest quality materials to offer long-lasting durability.


3.   Customers have a wide array of hues and finishes to choose from.


4.   There are style options that will suit any taste.


5.   KraftMaid’s 14 step finishing process, used on all their wood doors and drawer fronts, creates one of the finest looking, long-lasting finishes in the cabinet making industry.


6.   KraftMaid offers the custom-made look and design without the price of fully custom-made cabinetry.


Most importantly, KraftMaid comes with 40 years of experience, making quality products with beauty and style; transforming any kitchen into a place in the home that is worthy of attention.

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