Times are changing and plain old cabinets no longer seem to make the cut when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. It’s a new year, which means that now is the time to experiment with fresh ideas and make a conscious effort to transform your kitchen into a space that you can truly be proud of! Not sure where to start? Take a hint from Better Homes and Gardens’ list of 13 “Top Cabinetry Trends” and gather some inspiration!


We chose our five favorite trends, which one of these ideas could you see taking effect in your kitchen this year?


Top Five Kitchen Cabinet Trends


1. Embellishments: Our favorite trend is embellished cabinets. Instead of the same old cabinets, today we are seeing more details that add to the decorative appeal of the cabinets. Whether they are carvings, cutouts or even corbels, adding a little pizazz to your cabinets is a must these days!


2. Light & Simple: Next on our list is the idea of keeping your cabinets light and simple. The clean lines of the Shaker-style cabinet doors in white or off-white create a sophisticated, modern look in your kitchen. Simple does not always equal boring if you do it right!


3. Colorful Accents: Color is in these days and it does not have to stop at your kitchen walls. We love the idea of adding a pop of color to glass-front cabinet doors. Whether you use bright paint or wallpaper, this trend is sure to catch the eye of any of this year’s dinner guests.


4. Customized Drawers: Clutter is no friend of yours in the kitchen, which is why we think the idea of customized cabinets and drawers is genius! Creating custom features in your kitchen cabinetry not only allows for more storage space, but also helps to conceal unsightly garbage and recycling bins. The possibilities are endless with this trend!


5. Mismatched Cabinets: Although fifth on our list, this last trend is still one of our favorites! Instead of having a monotone kitchen design, have one cabinet or even the island stand out from the rest. Whether it is in a complimentary color or even a different type of wood, this small change adds a pop of contrast to the overall look of your kitchen and sets it apart from any other would-be-similar style out there!


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