One of the more challenging aspects for some customers is actually having to come into a showroom and work with a sales rep in order to see what their remodeled kitchen might look like.  There’s the perceived notion that undo pressure may be applied to them to buy Kraftmaid cabinets right that very moment and/or commit to something they’re just not ready for.  This is where Designer Cabinets Online shines.  We require no commitment from you, we offer free design services with free quotes. We want your business, of course, but not at the cost of trust or guilt. We prefer to earn your business with low prices and honest information.

Still, there are those who simply want to see what a new kitchen might look like.  We’ve come across a fantastic website that can offer just that and is very easy to use.


Free to sign up, allows you to share and/or print your designs.

No mess, no fuss, no showroom, no pressure.

Please note, we are in no way affiliated with and take no responsibility for any damage to your system that may occur from using that website, nor are we responsible for any loss or theft of personal information that may occur from any website.

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